CSQ Certification For Cannabis Companies

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Within the food industry, companies with safe quality food (SQF) certifications enjoy higher levels of consumer confidence. Within the cannabis industry, the existing programs are modeled after food and dietary supplement audits, lacking cannabis specific requirements. We’re proud to announce that Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ) is launching our first current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) audit and current Good Agricultural Practices (cGAP) audit specifically built by and for the cannabis industry.
CSQ’s cGMP and cGAP audits are the first step within a systematic continuous improvement process that was structured to help cannabis and hemp operations develop effective cannabis safety and quality management systems. We are the first cannabis certification program that meets the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements, set to be benchmarked in 2022. 
The CSQ Certification Program and applicable standards serve as protection for cannabis and hemp brands by minimizing the risk and ensuring regulatory requirements are met from seed-to-sale.  We noticed when conducting CSQ trial audits that it was too big of a jump for the cannabis industry, specifically smaller players, to go from zero to one hundred when striving to meet CSQ’s level of standards for full CSQ certification. 
In order to improve market access opportunities for these small suppliers operating locally, cGMP certification or cGAP certification is the first suggested step to becoming certified by CSQ. This tiered approach is meant to help gradually level up towards full CSQ certification by encouraging starting at a lower level standard like cGMP, later adding a cGMP+ certification which includes Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) before finally getting CSQ certified. 
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