CSQ has partnered with ASI Training & Consulting to offer our official CSQ training courses online through SAP Litmos’ e-learning platform. This partnership allows CSQ to offer a convenient and effective way for individuals to learn about Cannabis Safety & Quality.

Benefits to the CSQ E-Learning Courses:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Convenient and flexible
  3. Self-driven and self-paced
  4. Immediate feedback and recognition
  5. Widespread standardization

CSQ 101 Training

$ 500
One-Time Course Fee
  • A location’s CSQ Certification Manager and any other employees who are responsible for creating, implementing, and maintaining the requirements of the CSQ Certification must participate in the “CSQ 101” training course or have equivalent training or work experience. The “CSQ 101” training course is not a mandatory requirement for CSQ Certification Managers but is strongly recommended.
Coming Soon

CSQ Lead Auditor Training

$ 1500
One-Time Course Fee
  • This course is required for all individuals who wish to become a registered CSQ Auditor, Technical Reviewer, or Consultant. However, this course is also beneficial to individuals who conduct internal audits against the CSQ Certification Program, manage the CSQ Certification Program for CBs, or want to learn more about CSQ in general.
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