Cannabis Safety & Quality was designed to provide certification to the entire industry from seed-to-sale.

Cultivation – Growing and cultivating cannabis plants and the packaging of raw flower

Extraction – Extraction of cannabis compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids

Food & Beverage – Manufacturing of shelf stable cannabis infused products such as baked goods, snack foods, candy, beverages, food ingredients, food additives, pet food, and animal feed

Dietary Supplements – Manufacturing of cannabis infused dietary supplements such as tablets, capsules, gummies, liquids, energy bars, and powders

(Coming Soon) Cosmetics – Manufacturing and infusion of cannabis into cosmetics (e.g. topicals)

(Coming Soon) Packaging – Manufacturing of cannabis contact packaging material

(Coming Soon) Retail – Cannabis dispensaries, grocery stores, general retail stores that sell cannabis products

(Coming Soon) Foodservice – Restaurants, cafes, and bars that sell cannabis infused products

Benefits to suppliers
  • Improvement to product safety
  • Improvement of product quality and consistency
  • Help meet regulatory compliance
  • Reduce recalls and improve traceability – one recall can affect everyone in the industry
  • Protection of your brand and bottom-line
  • Enhances marketability and listing on our list of certified sites
  • Improvement to consumer confidence and an increase in brand loyalty
  • Verification for insurance
Benefits to buyers
  • Have confidence in your suppliers
  • Reduction of audit inconsistency
  • Reduction of 2nd party audit costs
  • Search through our list of certified sites to find a certified supplier
  • Reduction of recalls and improve traceability
  • Protection of your brand and bottom-line
  • Improvement to consumer confidence and an increase in brand loyalty
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Searchable database to see which companies are compliant
  • Trust in cannabis growers and manufacturers
  • Have confidence in your products safety
  • Grow expectations for higher quality products
  • Have assurance in brand consistency
  • Gain trust in the brands you love
  • Search through our database of certified locations
    • Verify your favorite brands’ compliance¬†
    • Find new brands that have safety and quality in mind
  • Have knowledge that your safety is always the first priority
  • Work with the cannabis industry’s most trusted source for cannabis safety and quality