Upcoming Webinar: How Develop an Effective Recall Program

Join us on Thursday, December 16th for our next webinar, “How Develop an Effective Recall Program.”

Recalls are the single biggest threat to the profitability of all cannabis manufacturing businesses. Having a recall program is an important part of your facility’s crisis management planning. Join us to review the necessary steps and planning to ensure you are prepped for any real-life crisis.

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Download Webinar: How to Implement a Successful Training Program

If you’re looking to improve your product safety, quality and consistency, along with meet regulatory compliance, one of the first steps is successfully implementing an internal training program for your staff. We’ll give actionable steps for implementation. 

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Validation vs. Verification

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Included in the Webinar:

1.Why is Validation & Verification Important?

2.What is Validation & Verification?

3.Validation – A Closer Look

4.Verification – A Closer Look

Meet the Instructor

Tyler Williams
CSQ Cannabis Safety & Quality
Founder and CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Tyler Williams is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ). Over the years Tyler has diligently worked with various industry stakeholders and conducted sample audits on several cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to ensure the CSQ audit requirements meet the needs of this new and booming industry. Tyler currently sits on the policy council and the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee for the NCIA. In addition to being a part of the NCIA, Tyler is also involved with the Florida Hemp Council and the National Industrial Hemp Council.

Before founding CSQ, Tyler was the Vice President of Operations for ASI, one of the leading food safety auditing, training, and consulting companies in the U.S. In this position Tyler was responsible for the certification process of over 3000+ audits annually and managed ASI’s employees and contracted auditors around the world. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of ASI, Tyler also trained and consulted several different major food and beverage companies around the world to help improve their food safety practices.

In 2019, Tyler started a non-profit organization called Show Me Food Safety. This organization provides resources to small food manufacturers and growers in Missouri to help improve their food safety practices and get on the shelves of local grocery stores.

Overview of the CSQ Certification Process

Download (CSQ) Cannabis Safety & Quality’s first FREE WEBINAR sponsored by ASI Food Safety

Included in the Webinar:

1. Overview of the Certification Process

2. Overview of the Standard (Audit Requirements)

3. Q/A Review