Precision Botanical Secures First CSQ Certification for CBD Manufacturing and Extraction

ST. LOUIS ─ Following Curaleaf and One Plant receiving the certification in January through CSQ’s initial series of pilot audits, Precision Botanical is the first company to officially pass the stringent Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ) Global Standards beyond the pilot program with a score of 91 out of 100.

Based in Denver, Precision Botanical focuses on providing purity, accuracy, and transparency for all of its THC-free CBD products. Passing the Manufacturing and Extraction of Cannabis audit further demonstrates the Company’s commitment to product safety and quality, as well as their commitment to continuous improvement. Precision Botanical’s certification was provided by ASI Food Safety, an approved CSQ Certification Body. This process does not happen overnight. Precision Botanical took the first step towards securing a certification in February when completing the off-site documentation evaluation. The on-site facility evaluation took place in March, and by April 9th, the certification was finalized.

“Sites who achieve the CSQ certification are proving to their customers that they are willing to go above and beyond to supply only the safest possible products on the market,” said Tyler Williams, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of CSQ. “Organizations like Precision Botanical are doing this industry a favor by self-policing and proactively searching for ways to instill consumer confidence. We’re happy to welcome them into our network of industry leaders putting compliance and quality first.”

The CSQ Standards were launched in 2020 to promote industry best practices and improve the overall safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the market. For Precision Botanical, thinking beyond basic cGMPs to produce a next-level product is what the general public deserves, as it’s a critical element to pushing the cannabis industry forward.

In addition to CSQ’s Standards, Precision Botanical is also the first CBD brand to be certified for purity by the Clean Label Project, a national nonprofit that uses data and science to reveal the true contents of America’s best-selling products.

“We received 91 points out of 100 using this higher standard than the less stringent GMP audit that many other CBD companies use. We test every ingredient for over 418 contaminants to ensure the highest possible purity levels, and that’s only the beginning of the process. It’s no question that quality has always been at the forefront of our initiatives, so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to express that mission to our customers and industry stakeholders through CSQ’s stamp of approval,” said Sean Callan, Chief Operating Officer of Precision Botanical.

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Precision Botanical

We at Precision Botanical have built our product line around one truth: That purity and quality are the only ideas that matter when you’re looking for pure and high-quality products. That is why we work to deliver on the major promise of providing purity, accuracy, and transparency for all our THC-free CBD products. We test for 418 chemical markers in every lot of Precision Botanical source material and finished product. We test for good things like antioxidants and vitamins, as well as bad things like pesticides and heavy metals. We also check for accuracy in CBD content in every batch. For more information visit

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