New York and Florida State Regulations

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New York:
CBD Processors

Section 1005.4 describes the criteria the Department will use to determine if an applicant’s license should be approved or denied. If an applicant is approved as a cannabinoid hemp processor, the approved applicant must submit the following before receiving the final license: a copy of the certificate of occupancy for the facility, a copy of the applicant’s evidence of a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit, and the license fee of $4,500 for extracting or $2,000 for manufacturing only. Processor licenses are valid for two years and retailer licenses are valid for one year.

Medical Marijuana Manufacturers

(c) Provide the department with documentation from a nationally accredited certifying body that the MMTC’s processing facility, including the area where edibles will be produced, has passed a Food Safety Good Manufacturing Practices inspection.