Improving Product Safety And Distribution

Improving Product Safety And Distribution Tyler Williams, CSQ. Tyler is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ). Over the years, Tyler has diligently worked with various industry stakeholders and conducted sample audits on several cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to create the first global cannabis safety & quality Certification Scheme. Tyler currently sits on the Policy Council and the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee for the NCIA, in addition to serving as a member of the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) and the Safe Quality Food Institute’s (SQFI) Cannabis Working Group. In 2019, Tyler started a non-profit organization called Show Me Food Safety. This organization provides resources to small food manufacturers and growers with help in improving their food safety practices, getting on the shelves of local grocery stores, and improve the overall health of consumers. Even with a detailed roadmap and double and triple-checking everything, we live in a world of uncertainty and chaos, so something is bound to fall through the cracks or go wrong, no matter how carefully you prepare. Tyler stated that there are some things that cannot be prevented by following basic cGMPs. We dive into a little more on where cGMPs may miss the mark and more. Tyler recently contributed a blog to NCIA’s website about getting a third-party audit. So essentially asking experts OUTSIDE of his company, not within, to look around, “check under the hood, check the fluid levels,” etc. We have Tyler tell us some of the benefits of getting a third-party audit, as well as why a cannabis company should do this.