How To Read A Certificate Of Authenticity (COA)

What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and why should you read it – or even care? You’ve likely encountered this acronym since starting your shopping search of CBD products to help enhance your life. Most brands make this document available for viewing or download to prove pedigree, as it were.

“A Certificate of Authenticity or COA is a document from an accredited lab showing the  cannabis profile (of the hemp oil), such as how much CBD and THC,” says Tyler Williams, founder, and chief technical officer for Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ). His company provides a set of industry standards and best practices from seed-to-sale for organizations across the cannabis industry. He also sits on the Policy Council and the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). For good measure, he serves on the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) and the Safe Quality Food Institute’s (SQFI) Cannabis Working Group, as well. Let’s just say he knows cannabis safety as well as anyone.

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